AutoMosaic is a GCT SCOTS AGIW that autonomously mosaics a collection of images or image chips utilizing a cut-line mosaicing algorithm along with a tonal and spectrally balancing method into a seamless mosaic. Mosaicing is the process of stitching together disparate images to fill a specified area of interest. When images overlap or more than one image is available for a specific location, AutoMosaic uses customer supplied business rules to determine how to assemble the “best” resultant mosaic. 

As a compliant EGI-SOA component workflow, AutoMosaic can automatically select and incorporate any relevant image data managed within the SDI into a mosaic. AutoMosaic utilizes web service interfaces to communicate with other EGI-SOA components, such as the Catalog and SDI. CS-W services are used to interface with the Catalog; WCS services are used to access SDI products; WCS services chained to the AutoTransform workflow are used to ETL the resultant mosaic into the SDI.