From perspective comes vision. Our firm offers unsurpassed intellectual firepower and subject matter expertise in the design, development, and deployment of multi-INT enabled geospatial intelligence solutions. We integrate all GIS elements and identify a path to execution that benefits all the invested parties.


The MERLIN Solution

Great-Circle Technologies (GCT) strongly believes that iterative technology assessments which place focused capabilities in front of end users as soon as possible, frequently lead to the most pragmatic, deployable, and sustainable solutions for customers. GCT has branded a solution called MERLIN that can be tailored to deliver these capabilities based on each customer’s needs.


Autonomous Geospatial Intelligence Workflows

GCT has successfully developed and deployed several standards-based COTS (SCOTS) Autonomous Geospatial Intelligence Workflows (AGIWs) that execute within an enterprise geospatial intelligence Service Oriented Architecture (EGI-SOA). AGIWs are designed to consume nearly any type of relevant business data, including structured, unstructured, and geospatial data types. AGIWs automate the characterization, exploitation, and dissemination of that data into knowledge-based products ready to be consumed by analyst and/or decision makers.