The MERLIN Solution

The MERLIN solution (Multi-INT-enabled Enterprise-wide Requirements & anaLysis Integration eNvironment) is a robust IT infrastructure that seamlessly manages all of the customer’s foundation and operational business data (geospatial, structured, and unstructured) within an environment that promotes multi-INT fusion, collaborative data discovery and access, advanced analysis, and mission specific dissemination. This infrastructure is compatible with all government intranets and is NSG compliant. 

The MERLIN solution is comprised of an enterprise geospatial intelligence service oriented architecture (EGI-SOA) that is specifically designed to manage all types of business data (Multi-INT/Multi-Source) within a bi-temporal spatial data infrastructure (SDI). The SDI is wrapped within a DoD/IC compliant security model that is capable of both consuming and disseminating appropriately marked enterprise-wide data and services. 



MINERVA extends MERLIN to provide automated near real-time exploitation of tactical sensor feeds, such as full-motion video from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or surveillance cameras. MINERVA dynamically repackages the exploited results into an MPEG stream to deliver an open standards-based tactical Common Operational Picture to downstream end users in near real time.


To read more, see our paper.