Cloudera Hadoop Clusters

GCT has partnered with Cloudera to offer Big Data strategies for our clients. We provide a variety of Cloudera Distributed Hadoop open source tools to scale hundreds or thousands of computers to distribute large amounts of data efficiently. We build data management, analysis, search, and visualization solutions to support and deliver Hadoop based solutions. Our Cloudera Certified engineers understand how the Hadoop ecosystem facilitates data management and work closely with our clients to develop software applications to meet customer business needs.


Amazon: AWS and C2S

Amazon Web Services (AWS) demonstrates high standards for cloud information security. Companies and Government agencies are increasingly adopting AWS because of their security features and cost-effective solutions that are designed to increase agency efficiency.

Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) brings Amazon's AWS into the IC. C2S is an "air-gapped" region that utilizes the same innovation as AWS commercial regions. Both AWS and C2S bring in cutting edge products and services for you to utilize as technology grows and changes.