DNA Visualization Presentation - DCVR Meetup

This video describes our team's visualization tool created during the 48 hour Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Reality, Virtually” Hackathon. Several variations on locomotion techniques in 3D space are also discussed. The presentation was made at the December 12th 2016 DCVR meetup.


Virtual Reality data visualization

Great-Circle Technologies was tasked the challenge of visualizing social networks in Virtual Reality. Our solution was to visualize social interactions as 3D networks graphs in 3D space. The application combines many technical components including a MongoDB database storing hundreds of thousands of records, a python application to run advanced analytics, and the Virtual Reality application itself to visualize it all.


3d room scanning

Using a Light Detection and Ranging Device (LIDAR) powered by Google's Project Tango, we create a 3-Dimensional point cloud representation of our conference room here at GCT. We paired our point cloud data with camera footage and loaded the finished product into our Virtual Reality viewer. The combined images provide a real-time representation of the room that can be viewed anywhere in the world.


mobile authentication

Our developers were tasked with designing different methods of authenication to access encrypted files on a smart phone or tablet. Check out this demonstration video to find out more!